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The Perils of Perfectionism
Of course you only want to share your best songs with the world, but when it comes to creativity, perfection can be the enemy of progress. Use this experiential worksheet to take your foot off the brakes and kick your writing into high gear.
Song Dynamics: Are You Creating a Roller Coaster or a Freight Train?
In my years as a professional songwriter, I’ve noticed that it’s almost always the most dynamic, thrill-ride-type songs that become the most successful. Why? I think it’s because all of us, even listeners who’ve “heard it all before,” want to be moved, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
Write Songs the Music Industry Wants to Hear
Sure, "art for art's sake" is cool... but what if you're pursuing a career as a songwriter? Here are some ways you can tailor your songs to suit the requirements of music business professionals. Can you use your talents to actually make a powerful contribution... and make a living while you're at it?
So... You Want to Collaborate?
Collaborating is one of the most rewarding and productive activities a songwriter can engage in, and it will stretch you in ways you can't even imagine up front. We each have strong suits we can capitalize on, as well as weaknesses we can supplement with the strengths of others.
5 Insanely Great Songwriting Tools
As a professional songwriter for 30 years, there are certain digital tools that have become indispensable to me. Check out a few, and start wasting approximately ZERO minutes when inspiration strikes during your next rapid-fire writing session. Don’t hesitate... go for it!
Break Out of Your Box — 25 Ways to Expand Your Creativity
Do you ever get stuck in a songwriting rut? Hit the wall? Me too.  Here's a handy list of proven techniques that can bust you out of your habitual patterns and spice up your writing life. Experiment with any or all of them to keep your songwriting fresh.