I'm thrilled that I can still wake up every day and write, record, and produce with a wide variety of artists all over the world. I'm continually striving to create timeless songs that get under the surface and reveal something true, even when it's scary. My mantra is that songwriting is an act of courage — and it's thrilling when we rise to the occasion.


Never the type to stick within a single genre, in recent years my own songwriting has been expanding into more... shall we say "political territory," including songs that touch on human rights, animal rights, and spiritual themes (plus of course some good ol' Pop tunes). 

Here are a few songs I've written for others and myself recently, for your listening pleasure, along with links. Enjoy!

Chic cover.jpg

I Dance My Dance, Nile Rodgers & CHIC

© by Nile Rodgers, Alex Forbes, Jerry Barnes and Melissa Sanley. Released on Virgin by the legendary 3-time Grammy winner and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Nile Rodgers and his band. They performed it at Wembley Arena in London for the BBC Children In Need Rocks Benefit Concert. On Spotify & YouTube and other outlets. 

Find My Way Home, in the documentary Jewel's Catch One

© by James Bonzai Caruso, Janice Robinson and Alex Forbes. This film traces the life of Jewel Thais-Williams who founded a groundbreaking LA club that welcomed all LGBTQ people. Directed by C. Fitz, and distributed by Ava DuVernay's ARRAY, the film is now streaming on Netflix here.

Ronan Parke cover.png

My Pain, Ronan Parke

© by Alex Forbes, Noel Cohen and Kathy Sommer. Ronan became a huge star in the UK on Britain's Got Talent at the age of 12. Now 20, "Found My Way" is his second full-length album. Here's Ronan's website, and you can check out the song here.

My Time by Melissa Sanley, cover.jpg

My Time, Melissa Sanley

© by Melissa Sanley, Alex Forbes and Jerry Barnes. International press and critics rave: “Melissa Sanley has a spectacularly powerful voice, able to hit mind-blowing highs,” and “Melissa Sanley conquers the audience,” calling her “a diva on stage.” Here's My Time on Spotify, and you can check out the video here.

Bath Water, vocals by Valerie Broussard

© by Valerie Broussard and Alex Forbes. A favorite song that I co-wrote with this wonderful new artist, accompanied by a cool track produced by Kirsten Price. You can check out more of Valerie's music here.

Thrill Me, vocals by Kim Viera

© by Alex Forbes, Kathy Sommer and Noel Cohen. This super-sexy song was on hold with a Certain Singer, but... sigh... you know how it goes. That said, we still think it'll find a home someday soon!

I Will Go There, vocals by Tatiana Owens

© by Alex Forbes, Jeff Franzel and Niklas Edberger. We wrote this for 50 Shades of Grey, except that fell through. But hey, we got all sexy for a few days — at least in our imaginations. It appears on the Universal compilation: Let the Darkness Guide You

Where Do I Stand, vocals by Mary Kantor

© by Mary Kantor, Alex Forbes, Kathy Sommer and Matt Anthony. Here we go getting a wee bit political. Where the hell DO we stand? Especially since the, err, Election in Question. Our other songs, 3000 Miles and Eye-To-Eye are on Mary's Soundcloud Page

Where Will the Giants Roam, vocals by Alex Forbes

© by Bill Katz & Alex Forbes. This song won first prize in the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos songwriting competition: a 2-week photo safari in Africa. Together we CAN end the slaughter. For more info, please visit

Somewhere in the Stars, vocals by Alex Forbes

© by Kennan Keating and Alex Forbes. This song was written to honor the memory of my brother's life-long best friend, Jim. He'll never be forgotten. I truly think that when we die, we don't really. It's a theme I return to over and over, and the older I get perhaps more so...

Meant To Be Free, vocals by Alex Forbes

© by Alex Forbes and Steve Wise. Written for the Nonhuman Rights Project, with Steve, subject of the DA Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus documentary, "Unlocking the Cage." The music video by Maureen O'Kicki is being shown at wildlife conferences worldwide! Psyched.

Summertime, vocals by AJ Smith

© by Aladdin Royaal, Alex Forbes, AJ Smith, Sam LaMore & Anthony Benvenuto. Lots of writers, but this our early version, before all those remixers and DJs got a hold of it. Here's AJ's site, and here's how the remix eventually turned out — #3 on the Australian Club Charts.

Shine For Me, vocals by Alex Forbes

© by Alex Forbes. This was my first animal rights song, written in honor of Petal, an amazing rescue dog that provided the inspiration for the Animal Farm Foundation, which advocates for equal treatment and opportunity for pit bull dogs.

Dance with the Enemy, vocals by Erin Bowman

© by Alex Forbes, Kathy Sommer and Noel Cohen. Ever been in one of those destructive relationships where you know you shouldn't... but then you do? Or is it just me? And Erin Bowman's voice blows my mind!

All Rise, vocals by Andres Quintero

© by Andres Quintero, Noel Cohen and Alex Forbes. This is a song for the Dreamers, who we feel should be given the opportunity to live full lives in the USA without fear of discrimination and deportation.