Hit Songwriter and songwriting coach Alex Forbes, founder of
Hit Songwriter and songwriting coach Alex Forbes, founder of
Hit Songwriter and songwriting coach Alex Forbes, founder of
Your best song has about ONE MINUTE TO GRAB 'EM BY THE HEART

Your listeners and fans are all hungry for great new songs.


If you deliver the goods, you can take a giant leap up the ladder of success and achieve higher levels of artistic fulfillment. If not, they'll click off your song and move on.


This is a huge missed opportunity for everyone!

I specialize in coaching writers to create UNFORGETTABLE SONGS

The kind that knock your listeners' socks off in ONE LISTEN. Unique. Expressive. Real. Songs that reveal Who You Are.


There are a few key elements your best tunes must have to knock your listeners' socks off, which I call the Big Four:

Heart, Dynamics, Hooks (yes, that's plural!) and a Stand

You can impress listeners with your songcraft, and present the most polished recording or performance in the world, but if your tune has no heart, its shelf life will be measured in minutes.
Next, a great song's dynamics take listeners on a roller coaster ride, using tension, release and resolution to successfully "suck 'em in, build 'em up, and pay 'em off."
Your song's hooks — musical and lyrical, and lots of them — are the magical elements that keep it running through their heads for days.
And finally, taking a strong stand with your lyrics and music requires courage, and ideally carves out fresh territory, stylistically and meaning-wise. I want your best songs to meet these goals, ASAP!

"Alex is just about the best 'song doctor' I've ever worked with, both as a colleague and a teacher."
– Tony Visconti, Grammy-Winning Rock Producer
(David Bowie, Morrissey, T. Rex)
Kinda Like Songwriting on Steroids!

If you've struggled to stay motivated, lack a powerful support network, or feel like you need an outside expert to give your work a booster shot, Professional Song Critiques and One-On-One Coaching are the way to go.


Whatever your specific talents and goals are, by working together we can crush whatever obstacles are stopping you and kick you into high gear. My methods have been extensively road-tested and proven to help songwriters in a wide variety of musical styles and genres. You'll learn how to:

  • Tap the deep well of your life experience for your songs

  • Master the essentials of songwriting craft

  • Tweak and rewrite based on actionable feedback

  • Turn off the self-critical voice that stops you

  • Generate more killer titles and hooks

  • Discover fresh lyrics and powerful melodies

  • Enhance and magnify your songs’ dynamics


  • The kind where the song you so lovingly crafted gets stomped on...

  • And you suspect They Don't Know What They're Talking About...

  • And all that "helpful" feedback takes the wind outta your sails


Wait — don't throw the Song Critique Baby out with the bathwater!


I believe that anyone who puts their heart, soul and talent into a song deserves nothing less than the full attention, respect and support of their critiquer. And accurate professional feedback has the power to spur rapid progress.


My clients and students know I don't take the task lightly. When we schedule a session I spend at least half an hour going over every song — listening and writing detailed notes on both the lyrics and music that are emailed to you promptly after each session.


Flippant, cursory and "off the cuff" feedback is NOT my style. My notes are encouraging and highly specific — and are purposely designed to get writers pumped up and ready to take concrete Next Steps.

Your Lyrics
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You submit 3 full songs or Song Starts

Hit Songwriter and songwriting coach Alex Forbes, founder of
Song Feedback
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I send you about 6 pages of notes for a 3-song critique


The very THOUGHT of an impending Song Critique can cause a committed songwriter to PANIC — then rise to the occasion. I frequently witness exponential leaps in the quality of my clients' work, sometimes literally overnight, once they engage thoroughly in the give-and-take of detailed, constructive song critiques.


Here's how the process works: first, new clients book a Song Chat with me. We discuss your vision as a songwriter and confirm that Critiques are the best way forward in your unique situation. Then we schedule a Skype session (anywhere!) or an In-Person meeting (NYC area).


Two days prior to the session, you email me up to 3 full songs, lyrics, or works-in-progress. I go over them with the respectful, fine-toothed comb mentioned above. Each 3-song, one-hour session costs $225, plus a $5 credit card fee. 


Next, we meet up and go over the feedback in detail, spending about 20 minutes on each song. I evaluate a song in terms of its


  • Originality and freshness

  • Melodic, lyrical and chordal dynamics

  • Effective use of songwriting conventions and song form

  • Commercial viability (if this is desired)


Sound good?


Click this link to get started! Or if you want more details, keep reading!




Your friends and family love your material, but to find out if your songs really have "the goods" there's nothing more effective than detailed professional song critiques. Song critiques are available in person (NYC area) or via Skype or phone worldwide.


All feedback is delivered in the spirit of supportive encouragement and profound respect for the creative process. The commercial viability of each song depends on numerous factors, of course, but certain elements of songwriting craft remain universally applicable. I have critiqued thousands of songs and hundreds of individual songwriters, and my clients usually make exponential progress.

How Song Critiques Unfold: Writers submit their material (full songs, lyrics, or works-in-progress) via email prior to each scheduled critique session. Songwriters in the New York area are also invited to schedule in-person critique sessions.


I listen to each song at least five times, then write detailed notes. Then we meet up and go over the feedback. I evaluate a song in terms of its


  • Originality and freshness

  • Melodic, lyrical and chordal dynamics

  • Effective use of songwriting conventions and song form

  • Commercial viability (if this is desired)


To schedule a free 20-minute consultation and learn more about the critique process, call (917) 397-3695


Price: $225 per 1-hour session, which includes up to 3 song critiques. (Note: A fee of $5 is added when paying by credit card.)



Coaching is an intensive, ongoing course of action tailored to the needs of each individual songwriter. I provide this service to a select number of clients who are committed to exponentially raising the quality of their material.


All feedback on each individual's work is delivered in a respectful manner as part of a program which includes:

  • Personalized action plans

  • Ongoing contact (Skype, email, phone, in person)

  • Rigorous deadlines for song submissions

  • Detailed feedback on material and rewrites

  • Creativity and writing exercises

Coaching and consulting sessions are available in person (NYC area), via Skype worldwide, or by telephone.


How Coaching Sessions Unfold: After an initial phone interview, coaching clients fill out a brief Coaching Questionnaire detailing their songwriting experience and goals, and a One-Year Vision is drawn up, assuring that you and I are "on the same page."


The actual coaching takes place in one-hour Skype, phone, or in-person sessions, supplemented by the submission of lyric sheets, MP3s and other materials. Works in progress are welcome.


  • When: 1 hour, usually weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Scheduling is determined according to the availability of both parties. A minimum of three sessions are suggested to get started.

  • Price: $225 for each one-hour session. (A fee of $5 is added when paying via credit card.)

  • Songwriting requirements: All levels of experience are welcome, but please note that this is a rigorous program, requiring a high level of commitment.


To register for coaching, or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation about the process, please call (917) 397-3695. — Hit Songwriter & Songwriting Coach Alex Forbes offers Song Critiques, Free Articles & Resources for Lyricists and Music-Makers

Hit Songwriter and songwriting coach Alex Forbes, founder of
"Alex’s enthusiasm for songwriting is contagious.  She will help you find your muse."
– Shelly Peiken, Hit Songwriter (“What A Girl Wants,” “Bitch”) and Author of Confessions of a Serial Songwriter

All of my coaching materials are designed to provide practical hands-on tools, encouragement and inspiration.


If you TRULY have the fire in the belly, and are prepared to do whatever it takes, there are two programs I've been perfecting for 25 years. I've seen remarkable successes from my clients... not overnight, but certainly ASAP.


Hit Songwriter and songwriting coach Alex Forbes, founder of
"A few years ago, when my husband died, I fell into a dark bottomless pit. Alex threw down a rope and I climbed out slowly, song by song. In addition to her great talent and skills as a writer and teacher, her warmth and encouragement changed my life."
Wendy Levine, Songwriter
Hit Songwriter and songwriting coach Alex Forbes, founder of
"Alex encourages me to write outside the box, and reminds me to write from an honest place no matter how naked it will make me feel. I've listened to, and followed through with, her awesome advice. She’s a beautiful person, a great coach — and I love her sense of humor."
– Taisha Richards, Songwriter
Hit Songwriter and songwriting coach Alex Forbes, founder of
"I could not have done any of this without you, Alex! You are a huge reason for my musical growth this year... heck, you were the first person I showed my songs to. You are making an impact on so many musicians' careers."
– Yify Zhang, Songwriter
Pro Song Critiques and Songwriting Coaching with Hit Songwriter Alex Forbes at
Pro Song Critiques and Songwriting Coaching with Hit Songwriter Alex Forbes at
Pro Song Critiques and Songwriting Coaching with Hit Songwriter Alex Forbes at
Hit Songwriter and songwriting coach Alex Forbes, founder of
With me as your songwriting coach, if you're


at least you're not ALONE.
I've always got your back.

With all the techno-toys at our fingertips nowadays, it's easy to isolate and lose the HUMANITY at the heart of original songs. And let's face it, nothing else comes close to the thrill of an Actual Professional resonating with — and giving you actionable feedback on YOUR ideas, YOUR melodies, YOUR lyrics. In other words, YOU.


My job is to give you a detailed Reality Check, then work with you on Next Steps towards achieving your vision. With that in mind here's a quick Reality Checklist!

Reality Checklist #1
Hit Songwriter and songwriting coach Alex Forbes, founder of


(Because you've probably lost all objectivity.)

Can you even remember its name the morning after?
This is the acid test. If you wake up and draw a complete blank about how that song goes... the one you heard AT LEAST 100 TIMES the night before, there's trouble in River City. Toss it and start over.
Did you lay your ass on the line?
Does it make YOU laugh, cry, dance, think... FEEL? If there's nothing emotionally at stake for you, others will probably yawn as well. All the gizmos and gadgets in the world can't make up for a lack of fully felt and expressed lyrics and melodies. Show some leg already!
Does it break new ground lyrically & musically?
After a while, we all settle into perfectly comfortable writing patterns... okay — ruts. Your voice stays within the same range, your hands go to the same chords, you reach for a few tired clichés thinking no one'll notice. Ah, but they do! Does this song carve out new territory? Does it scare you to reveal so much? Or would a co-writer, a critique, or a kazoo bust you out of your comfort zone?


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The Breakthrough Songwriting Workshop.
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